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The top 10 pedometer watches are broken down by women’s and men’s.

Ladies first…

Timex Women's T5J151 review1) Timex Women’s T5J151 1440

The Timex Women’s T5J151 1440 Watch has a pink and silver resin watch case with easy to use buttons on the sides. It is water resistant to 50 meters, and for that reason a lot of people use this watch for one to swim in. It has a gray polyurethane strap that is tapered for a women’s wrist. << Click Here To Read More

This is a woman’s watch, and as such the diameter is 36 millimeter, and the case thickness is 12 millimeters. The band width is 12 millimeters and is made of grey resin. The bezel is grey plastic and it has a mineral dial window which is designed to not leak. It is water resistant to 330 feet and because this is one of the “Ironman” line of watches, you can rest assured that you can do a lot of laps in the pool with this watch on your wrist. << Click Here To Read More >>


This is in many ways very similar to the Ironman watch that you may already know, but it has a different kind of band and accents that are a subtle shade of pink. It is the smaller size for a woman’s wrist and because of its unique styling, you will have no problem wearing this for work, for going out, or for when you are working out or racing. << Click Here To Read More >>


4) Tech4o Traileader 1 watch
For such a rugged sports watch, this is actually very nice looking and that is just one of the reasons why it is so popular. It has a compact design that is a lot less bulky than other active sports watches for men, yet it also includes a barometer, altimeter, and a digital compass all on board. << Click Here To Read More >>

5) Tech4o Accelerator Watch for Women
This is a good looking and sleek wrist watch that is designed for women who are active. It does require you to spend some time inputting your personal information (so that it can accurately calculate), but once you have that in, you will get readings that are accurate over 95% of the time. You will finally be able to see how far you have gone, how many calories you have burned, and what speed you are going. << Click Here To Read More >>

Now the men’s…

1) Casio Men’s SGW100
This is a fairly sturdy watch, one that is smaller than some of the other brand’s “shock resistant” watches, but one that still says that you mean business. The resin case is shock-proof, water resistant, and built to last, and it has quartz movement and a protective mineral crystal that protects the watch from scratches. << Click Here To Read More >>

2) Timex 1440 sports watch
Even though these watches differ in many ways, there are a few things that all of the Timex 1440 sports watch models have in common, from the day and date function to having a built in calendar and stop watch. They all have quartz movement and are water resistant, usually do at least 150 feet. These are made to stand up to everyday use and it is not rare for someone to wear their Timex 1440 sports watch for years on end. << Click Here To Read More >>

3) Casio Men’s SGW200
This watch has both a temperature and a direction reading that makes it ideal for workouts, for outdoor sports, and even for when you are in or around the water. It can tell what time zone you are in, and is built to prevent scratching. << Click Here To Read More >>


4) Tech4o Accelerator Watch
If you have been struggling with an Ironman watch for years and want to see what some of the new technology has to offer, then you will like the built-in accelerometer and pedometer that this watch has on board. It has been proven to be correct 95% of the time for measuring distance and speed, and that is without having to wear something in your shoe or a strap around your chest. << Click Here To Read More >>

5) Timex Men’s 498459J Expedition Watch
This is a box that in many ways works like a GPS, in that it can tell you how far you have gone, how fast, and what kind of pace you are working at. It has an intuitive user interface and an easy to read display that has very large numbers. It also has a 100 hour chronograph, you can set up automatic alerts, and it is even water resistant to up to 330 feet. << Click Here To Read More >>