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In this Sportline 345 Pedometer review we will discuss that while it is a cheap pedometer, there are better ones out there.

Of course the main reason people buy a pedometer is for one reason – accuracy. A pedometer can have all the bells and whistles and USB plugs… but if it doesn’t work right, what’s the point?

That’s the issue with the Sportline 345 Electronic Pedometer.

It is mostly accurate when you are running. See, this model uses a mechanical pendulum to record how many steps you take. Based on it’s design though, it is only accurate when running. This is because heavy steps activate the pendulum.

When walking, you might find it simply misses steps.

Is it a bad pedometer? Not really. I would recommend it to someone who needs to buy a cheap pedometer for running, and know how to mount it perfectly. And that’s it.

The size is small enough

My grandmother walks every day on soft surfaces in padded shoes. I don’t think it would be accurate enough for her. But if you run on hard surfaces with any speed, look for a deal on this model.


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