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If there were ever a basic pedometer that should just count your steps, the Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer is it. I’ve seen these for sale everywhere – ever at drugstores and the grocery store, which is really a shame (Keep reading to see why.)

With it’s basic LCD display and 3 simple buttons I was really hoping the 340 would at least do it’s main function properly. After all, there are no fancy-pants features like the 350 has.

But alas. Like the Sportline 345 pedometer, the Sportline 340 suffers from a cheaply made pendulum inside.

For proper use, the pendulum must be sturdy and accurate. It appears as though Sportline tried to save a few pennies in the manufacturing process and makes the 340 pedometer with a ultra-cheap fragile pendulum.

The end result? It’s a cheap piece of you know what that is best avoided. Runaway (but count your steps as you do – the Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer sure won’t)


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