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If you have been in the market for a sturdy and good looking men’s watch that will also show you where you are and the temperature, then you need look no further than the Casio Men’s SGW100. This is a sturdy digital watch in a resin case with resin strap that has its own electronic digital compass on board, a temperature sensor, a calendar, alarm, and more.

What Is the Casio Men’s SGW100?

This is a fairly sturdy watch, one that is smaller than some of the other brand’s “shock resistant” watches, but one that still says that you mean business. The resin case is shock-proof, water resistant, and built to last, and it has quartz movement and a protective mineral crystal that protects the watch from scratches.

How Does It Work?

The Casio Men’s SGW100 measures 47.6mm in diameter and is just 13 millimeters thick. The band is black and is 12 millimeters wide, made of resin, and has a buckle to keep it in place. In addition to all of the normal features that you would find on any digital watch these days, you will also see that it has day, date, month, a stop watch, a temperature sensor, and of course a large compass that goes around the diameter of the watch.

It has a fixed bezel, four individual buttons on the outside of the watch, which are denoted as “Adjust”, “Mode”, “Light”, and Comp” – and there is of course a full guide that will show you how to use all of the individual features. The back light is bright enough for you to see where you are going and what time it is in just about any light, or even when you are underwater.

What Are People Saying About the Casio Men’s SGW100?

When you compare this watch in price to other similar sturdy but fully functional digital watches, you will see that you actually get a lot more features for your money with this. The compass is a high priced feature that you won’t find on a lot of watches, so the fact that this is fully built into the face of the watch means that you will always have assistance in navigating no matter where you are.

“I ordered this watch for my birthday and I love it so far. It is sturdy, pliable, and the watch doesn’t move around, which is great.”
–       Gabe, Amazon.com

The built-in compass is one thing that a lot of people really like about this watch, not to mention the fact that it has all of the other features of any high end Casio.

“I was looking for a watch with a compass in it and this is the least expensive of the bunch. It works great and has already helped me navigate home.”
–       Alan, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a good deal on the Casio Men’s SGW100, then you need look no further than online where you will currently find it for 37% off the retail price. This is significantly lower than most retail stores will offer it and of course it will come with the full guarantee like all Casio watches do.

Is This the Right Product For You?

The Casio Men’s SGW100 is one of Casio’s leading men’s watches, not only because it is sturdy and water resistant up to 660 feet, but also because it is a good looking watch that has all of the feature that you would expect. With its easy to use electronic compass on board, you should never have a problem navigating, no matter where you are.