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If you like to be a host of good health, then you should implement walking in your daily routine. Walking is the best exercise for achieving curved shape by losing extra calories. There is no need of any special apparatus or training to undergo or being a member of a gym. Walking is a good way to keep you healthy without any expense. You can do it easily in different short sessions or just in a one complete session according to your time management.

Only a comfortable pair of walking shoes is required while walking. Blister shoes, which many cause discomfort, make it difficult to encourage yourself to keep the workout program up. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a tranquil pair which makes you comfortable while walking. Nowadays, there are various designer fitness shoes available which can surely help you out to keep increase the workouts that make your leg muscles strong.

Health experts suggest their clients to walk about 10000 steps on a daily basis to get all the benefits of walking exercise. A number of people found it helpful to use pedometers while walking. It works like a motivational abet that encourages people to gradually increase the number of steps to beat their goal. They are cheap as well and if you need to improve your walking steps, you should have a nice quality one.

According to recent studies, most of the pedometers show inaccurate values and in some cases the error rate may be up to 50%. Overestimation is a general error; for instance, consider you walk 5000 steps daily according to your device but actually you are walking 2500 steps only. The reason behind the fact is low class technology used in cheap devices. It affects the accuracy of the device and in turn you lose your target.