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As per the latest guidelines, established by NHS, 10000 steps are the minimum you should walk everyday so that you can keep yourself fit. However, an average person walks only about 3000 to 5000 steps daily. Pedometers make it easy to count the steps you walk and motivate you to increase the step count. In fact, 10000 steps daily is not a tough condition and you can achieve it easily if you have an adequate device to count the steps.

Walking is the most straightforward approach to burn off extra calories and to boost up your stamina so that you can gain overall physical fitness. By ample walking you can avoid some severe health conditions like heart diseases. Recommended 10000 steps daily may burn about 400 calories. A free and very convenient way to meet the necessary health needs.

A simple device such as pedometers may help you to keep track of your daily steps taken. It can simply count every single step taken by you on a continuous total basis. So, you can set every day goals and try to achieve the ultimate target of 10000 steps. An increment of a single step daily is not a bad idea as well and you can continue with it unless you hit the goal. This device offers an essential motivation during your workout sessions.

Now, the question is about the different models available in the market; which would be the best for you? In fact, most of the models need to clip them in your belts to work accurately. A very basic model is designed to count the steps continuously until it has been reset. But you can find some models which can speak or count in discreet sections of time.