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In modern time, many people don’t have the time for routine exercise because of work load and long to-do list. That is why most of them find walking easy to maintain their health and fitness. Experts suggest that pedometers may help these people a lot for a serious walking exercise. For regular walkers or runners it is a very essential device. Here is some useful information about this device and its working process.

It is an electronic device which is very compact sized so that walker doesn’t experience the problem to carry it. As everybody knows, it counts the steps walked by you during your workouts. A device with calorie counter helps you to keep track the amount of calories you burnt while walking. For the people who have obesity, this information is quite beneficial. This device works as a motivational stuff which continuously notify about the required improvement. If you will have accurate data you can analyze it and implement it to decide whether you are moving towards your goal or not. Some devices are equipped with multiple functions such as distance calculator, steps calculator, and calorie calculator etc.

Digital pedometers are simply the best way to keep you walking. But often people complain about the performance aspect of their particular model. A large range of models is available here but actually how many of them work accordingly? Here are some useful tips to buy a good one according to your needs.

First of all, don’t waste you sum on bells and whistles. The only purpose of this device is to count steps and you should know that 10000 steps are more or less five miles. Having two simultaneously is a good idea in case one may break any time. Therefore choose a cheaper one rather than going for the most costly. Never purchase a model which automatically shuts off during refreshment. In fact, such models shut off pretty quickly and you need to walk some extra steps to switch it on again. They may also shut off during slow walk and affect the accuracy. You will always get less step count than that of you actually walked. An average cost of good model may be less or more $15.

It is also quite interesting to know where you can put on pedometers. The best bet is to wear your model on the belt or waistband. Actually, wearing it with jeans or other such clothes may result in wrong readings. Women should bear it inside their bra, in fact in between the bra cups. You should have a belt which could easily be coupled with your device but in case you have an undergarment with elastic waistband, you should put it on there. Shirt pocket is another nice place to keep it safely.

If you need to know whether your device is working properly, just walk some steps and check the readings on the device. If the meter shows the result which is approximately 3 or 4 steps more or less than you actually walked, then it is correct. It is a good approach to check the performance of the device.