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After saying that you need a reliable pedometer in the last post, what do I mean?

Reliable brands use latest technologies like coiled-spring along with duo-accelerometer sensors which ensures the accuracy of the model. The life time of these modes is greater as well as compared to those cheaper ones. You can also carry these latest designs in your pocket. Omron, New Lifestyles, Taneka etc. produce the quality and reliable models.

To confirm the accuracy of the pedometers you are carrying, you can apply two methods. First and very easy method is to walk exactly 100 steps and check the counts that your device is reflecting. Second way is to check the reading of your device when you finish the first session and are taking refreshment. Again check the readings after 20 minutes, if this time you get inflating readings it means there is something wrong with your device.

In fact, most of the models available today are digital equipped with memory. So, you can check the readings of last one week and monitor the improvements. Even with some more advanced models, you can store the data in your PC to analyze continuous progress. The display properties can also be changed according to your ease. Now, you are free to evaluate your progress in every regard which keeps you motivated whether it is measured in distance you walked through, number of walked steps or calories decreased.