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We all know how useful pedometers are.

Some more advanced pedometers may have some other striking capabilities. While some come with calorie counters others may have heart rate monitors. Panic buttons and radios are available with some models now as well. You can also find a model with all these functions. MP3 players, watches or cell phone apps may be the built-in features of an ultramodern model.

However, it depends upon you to decide which type of model you would like to have in your kitty. Any additional feature that is not of your need will only increase the cost so try to neglect extra features that are not of your use. Performance and precision are the most important factors which should be considered while buying a model. Go through the reviews made by other users to confirm these factors. Online purchasing may help to keep the cost low.

To hit the target of 10000 steps you should have to make some changes in your daily routine. Don’t use vehicles for short distances, use the stairs in place of elevators, have your lunch outside instead of office. Kids should also walk recommended steps daily. An exercise of one hour is necessary for the kids and walking is the easiest exercise they can do. Ample walking exercise keeps the whole family healthy and fit.